Secure your connection with Hyper VPN.

Nowadays VPNs have major roles in our lives, some people used VPN to protecting public internet connections, and someones used VPN to bypass censorship to enjoy using worldwide internet, Hyper VPN can use for all needed kinds.

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Access Geo-blocked Websites, Apps and Games

The internet may be known worldwide, but it is not the same in every country. Some websites, apps and games are banned or restricted in your region. While browsing with Hyper VPN, it can help you to unblock sites and other contents easily as the VPN shows a different location from your actual one.

Double-up the Device Security

Data encrypted through many forms of protocol such as IPSecs, TLS or SSL to ensure the security of the user’s privacy. VPN helps to secure and encrypt all in and out traffic. It makes your business or personal website, conversation and banking transactions much protected.

Bypass Geo-blocking content

One of the most useful Hyper VPN features is that it can help you bypass the geo-blocking content. When you start using the VPN, it provides you the server which can be located anywhere in the world. And when you start browsing with the VPN, it will make it appear as you are browsing from another location (the one where the server is located). This makes the restricted content hosts, bypass you assuming your virtual location as the real one.

Fast transaction speed

Using VPN allow you to experience the faster transaction speed than by the normal internet browsing. It helps to keep your web browsing & search history private. Another great feature of the Hyper VPN is that it provides complete anonymity. You can browse safely and privately no matter if you at indoor or outdoor environment.

new feature

Choose countries across the world!

By using Hyper VPN, you can select many countries and locations to use your public IP address.

Some of awesome features.

Proxy mode!

Hyper VPN can use as mobile VPN or even as http/socks5 proxy, for using in apps that support proxy like Telegram and Twitter.

Advanced routing

You can choose which IPs, urls, keywords or subdomains to bypass vpn or block in application. For example you can bypass VPN connection for your local network easily.


Hyper VPN support IPv6 (but this is in beta stage maybe not work perfectly), unlike many common VPNs.

Local DNS caching

Hyper VPN provide two local DNS caching for speed up your network connection, you can change that in settings.

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So if you want a completely free and really secure VPN
Plus many advanced features (You can't find in other apps), download and install Hyper VPN.